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How to sell your product on Codafile? How to get Download Codes?

Codafile Download Codes.

How to buy Download Codes for your music?

First of all. If you are a fan and want to buy music from your favorite artists it is unfortunately not possible to do it directly here on Codafile at the moment. We are working on a shop to realize that in the future but for the moment you have to contact your artist to buy codes directly on concerts or in band shops. We are planning to get a shop done but at the moment only bands can generate their codes here on our platform to sell them with their product. If you are a band, musician or another company the following is for you.

For whom is Codafile?

We created and designed Codafile without any limitations. Our platform is for you out there who want to deliver any digital content to your clients. In first place it was thought for music artists like bands or singer songwriters to bring an end to the CD era which is long overdue. But there is so much more we think about. What happens with a traditional book. Wouldn’t it be great to buy one and to have also the possibility to download it with a code here on Codafile as an EBook? Also the segment software will be part of our platform in the future. You see, there are no limitations and we like to develop your ideas with you and accompany them. So, if you have any idea we didn’t consider yet. Do not hesitate to contact us in any way.

Where to buy the download codes for my music and what is your pricing?

Possibly this is the most important question to all of you who read until here. There is a simple answer. We created this individual page here on codafile.net/download-codes to get informed about everything what you need to know. The pricing of the download codes and also a contact form where you can order them directly.

Do I need a label to release on Codafile?

No, we are completely free and independent. Every band, musician or company can release their stuff via Codafile. But if you like to have a label code for radio promotionyou’re your music stuff integrated we can help you. Codafile is Part of the Label www.modernpost.de and we could help you to get you music label coded.

How to get my music on iTunes and Amazon?

We can offer a digital distribution to all the stores, too. Just talk to us and we find a solution where we can offer you everything.

What are we planning for the future?

There are many ideas and questions. A main thing we want to solve is that the download comes native to iOS devices. Another thing is that we have not a shop yet integrated. But the time will come when there will be a lot more bands so we can realize that. If you have any more ideas for us where we can develop, contact us.