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Photo book with download code

This example shows: A booklet should not be made dependent on a CD. We also call it the Codafile Book. On twelve pages (hardcover bound) are photos and texts and a double page is reserved only for the download and the short instructions.

Tickets with download code

Sell your tickets already with a download code for your album. Or give your fans a song when buying an entry ticket. That will lift the mood at your concert.

From the idea to your own Codafile product

The areas where Codafile can be used are almost limitless. The combination of ideas are as well. Because it is always difficult to try something new at the beginning, we help you with ideas for download products. We ourselves have always made music and were aware of the importance of the internet ten years ago. The boundless possibilities that digitality brings are far from exhausted. We want to help you to be the first to realize that the CD will not have a future in the way we know it. Disc players have already become rare and this will increase exponentially in the coming years. Maybe the CD will go through a renaissance just like the vinyl today. But that may take time and then only for nostalgics. However, what is indispensable is the constant availability of music through digitization. Each of us is connected and can access digital content at any time. So we also want to make it easier for your fans to load your music directly onto their devices.

But because codes alone are not really sexy and your fans would certainly like to take home a physical souvenir from your concerts, we've seen with enthusiasm how creative bands have become when it comes to packing the digital download with a final product. Let your thoughts go wild, think about what your fans would like to do and send us a copy, so that you will soon be published on this pin board.

1. The idea
Do you have a whole new idea for a product to combine with download codes? Then you are exactly right here.
2. Inspiration
To have an own idea is great, but let yourself be further inspired. Below we have presented some great pioneering projects on our Codafile Pinboard. Look at what you can do with our Codafile Download Codes.
3. Consultation
Whether you are sure of what you want or not. Just write us. We love to discuss and plan individual ideas.