Frequently Asked Questions
Error message: Oops... you may have mistyped your code...
Sometimes it can happen that you may have made a typo or swapped some letters and numbers in your code. Not bad.
It is very important to know that our codes can consist of both letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9. Here are a few popular sources of error:

"o" and zero
"v" and "u"
"n" and "u"
"i" and "j"

If this information still does not help, then please contact us at info@codafile.net
Why is there still no email in my inbox?
In some cases, it may take up to two minutes for a download link to be generated. Especially at times of the day when our servers are quite busy. We ask for a moment of patience.
If there is still no email in your mailbox, make sure that you have entered your email adress correctly in the intended field.
Please check also your spam folder in your mails. Has our message landed there?
Where can I buy music or a code?
If you are a fan and you would like to buy music from your favorite artist, then unfortunately it is currently not possible to get codes directly here on Codafile. We are currently working on a shop to realize this, but until then you need to contact the artist directly and purchase the codes either through their store or directly at concerts. If you are making music yourself and wondering how to generate codes for your music, then follow one of the menu items in the Rider above, e.g. Download Cards.
Who is Codafile made for?
We created and designed Codafile without any limitations. Our platform is for you out there who want to deliver any digital content to your clients. In first place it was thought for music artists like bands or singer songwriters to bring an end to the CD era which is long overdue. But there is so much more we think about. What happens with a traditional book. Wouldn’t it be great to buy one and to have also the possibility to download it with a code here on Codafile as an EBook? Also the segment software will be part of our platform in the future. You see, there are no limitations and we like to develop your ideas with you and accompany them. So, if you have any idea we didn’t consider yet. Do not hesitate to contact us in any way.
Do I need a label to release on Codafile?
No, we are an independent startup. Made by and for young artists who see the internet as an opportunity to spread music with little financial effort. Everyone can now and immediately upload their music to us and publish via Codafile Codes. But, if you're considering a label because you're hoping for a better chance through a label structure and need someone to help you place your music on iTunes, Amazon Mp3 and Spotify at the same time, check out the Bands. Codafile is part of the music label Modern Post and we're here to help you with your music also on all other popular platforms.
What are we planning for the future?
There are so many ideas in our head all the time. A main thing we want to solve is that the download comes native to iOS devices. Another thing is that we have not a shop yet integrated. But the time will come when there will be a lot more bands so we can realize that. If you have any more ideas for us where we can develop, contact us.