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Redeem of a Codafile Code

How to redeem my Codafile Code I have bought?

Did you buy a Codafile Download Code from your favorite band at the concert and did you land here for the first time on our site? Now you do not really know what to do with the code and where the music is coming from?

Although our philosophy at Codafile is to make everything as simple as possible, we're just people behind machines. Mistakes can happen fast, but we try to improve Codafile every day. Give yourself a try first and if you get stuck, check our FAQ or drop us a message through our contact form. Here is a little help for the start. The highest barrier you have already made. You found the way on our Codafile website. At the top of the page you see the Codafile Form in which you have to enter your e-mail and the purchased Codafile Download Code. Behind this form there are countless hours of music. After filling the fields above, click on Download and follow the instructions on the your screen. You will receive an e-mail with a download link. Go to your e-mail inbox and confirm it.
Within a few minutes, you will have downloaded the music to your computer. If an error message appears, please check the FAQs to see if you have made a typo when entering the download code. We have listed the typical errors there. If you get stuck, you can always contact us. We are happy to help seven days a week. It can only take a little longer at night when we need to recharge our batteries to start a new, successful Codafile Day ;) So if you get in any trouble with your Codafile Code, feel free to contact us. If you think that parts of the download process are still too complicated and you have suggestions for improvement: Write us as well. We welcome ideas and feedback. Creating and developing this portal is a passion for us.

You have managed to redeem your download code?

Congratulations then. Now you are part of our Codafile Family.
Was it difficult?
If you think now, that was easy and I would like to download more music with Codafile and discover new bands and artists, then feel free to browse our site. Every week we introduce great new artists worth listening to. In the future, we want to start a small blog on this page where we write about our technical progress and generally about the music business. If you do not want to stop by here every week: Just sign up for our Codafile Newsletter and we will inform you about news in the area of download codes, music and digital music publishing once every three months. We also keep coming up with new ideas on how to optimally connect digital and physical products.
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