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How do we become part of Codafile? So how do we get Codafile Codes for bands?

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Welcome to the band corner. Are you here for the first time? Follow the button "More Information" below. If you already know about Codafile, but want to check the prices again, follow the button to the right. If you are already absolute pros, then off to the music upload.

There are no limits here

Your fans would like to buy your music, but they have not had a CD player for a long time? The old one from 1995 has not worked for five years. No laptop is delivered anymore with a CD player and in modern cars, there is only an AUX cable or a Bluetooth connection? Are you in this mess, then we have developed exactly the right thing for you with Codafile.


A Codafile Code can be combined with everything. Let your thoughts run free and discuss your ideas with us.

Online Service

The Codafile platform is available 24/7 for you and your fans.

ISRC and Label Code

Together with the music label Modern Post we offer a support for your publication.

Not just a job

We love, what we do.


We are improving Codafile every day. Bugs are human. If you have suggestions for improvement, feel free to send over.


Find all information on prices under the rider Music Upload.


You have an idea that does not exist that way. We'll help you and get the best out.


Codafile lives from the unique people behind the project. We are there for you and your fans and help you 24/7.
Because we had to watch the CD die slowly but surely in the last years, we decided to found Codafile and to launch this download platform. We create the connection between a nostalgic product like a photo book or a vinyl record and combine it with a modern digital download code. We want to help bands, labels and pressing companies to find a solution, to be able to sell their music at concerts even after the death of the CD and to take over the technical difficulties this process entails for you.

Label Service

You don’t have a record label that takes care of your publication? No problem. Codafile was born as the idea of our music label Modern Post. We have 15 years of experience in the music business and have realized countless digital releases. Creating ISRC codes and publishing your music on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify in parallel with Codafile is our daily business.

Graphic Service

You have all the ideas in mind, but you lack the technical knowledge and the opportunities to implement everything and implement it for a printing company? No problem. Again, Modern Post comes into play. After starting out as a music label in 2011, we quickly saw the 360 Degree demand that bands need to get back to music completely. We also like to help in graphic services. Just let us know.

So why switch to codafile?

We have the solutions

There is nothing that is unworkable. Therefore, write to us. We love to discuss your ideas with you.

On the cutting edge

Be proud to say in a few years, you were the first to face digitization.

Be faster

Tomorrow the world has turned around again. We try to implement current trends and stay one step ahead of the development, so that we are ready when the fans are.