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Are you looking for a long-term cooperation with a reliable download portal?

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Are you looking for a download platform that you can work together with? Which decreases you the solution of the technical problems and makes the design for individual download sides for your company? We've put together all the important information below. If you already know about Codafile, but want to check the pricing again, follow the button to the right. If you are absolute pros already and have lost your way on this site, then off to the music upload.

We want to work with you

Welcome to the area for labels, agencies and pressing companies. When we launched Codafile, it was planned to offer the platform to bands first. From time to time, however, more and more companies have contacted us to see if we are interested in working together over the long term. Since then, we offer individual subpages for companies that provide us with periodic publications and distribute codes via Codafile.


A Codafile Code can be combined with everything. Let your thoughts run free and discuss your ideas with us.

Online Service

The Codafile platform is available 24/7 for you and your fans.

ISRC and Label Code

Together with the music label Modern Post we offer a support for your publication.

Not just a job

We love, what we do.


We are improving Codafile every day. Bugs are human. If you have suggestions for improvement, feel free to send over.


Find all information on prices under the rider Music Upload.


You have an idea that does not exist that way. We'll help you and get the best out.


Codafile lives from the unique people behind the project. We are there for you and your fans and help you 24/7.
In order to give you an idea of what such a page can look like for your company, we have linked the pages of Randmuzik and Tapemuzik in the section below, which have already sent us regular releases and included Codafile in their assortment. Are you as convinced as we are that download codes are the future, then become a partner of Codafile.

So why switch to codafile?

We have the solutions

There is nothing that is unworkable. Therefore, write to us. We love to discuss your ideas with you.

On the cutting edge

Be proud to say in a few years, you were the first to face digitization.

Be faster

Tomorrow the world has turned around again. We try to implement current trends and stay one step ahead of the development, so that we are ready when the fans are.