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Your Codafile Download Cards

Do you don’t have the stomach to worry about a graphic designer, pressing company and many technical details? Then you are exactly right here with our Codafile Download Cards.

Welcome to Codafile
We designed the Codafile Download Card to help artists like you sell their music at concerts even after the CD is extinct. Whether in combination with a physical product or in isolation. The timeless design of our Codafile Download Card stands out on every merchandising table. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you as an artist. We on our own were musicians for a long time and know that there is nothing better than just play ones instrument and let everything else just be as easy as possible.
If you think the same way, the Codafile Download Card is for you. Click below on the picture for bands and inform yourself about the conditions and prices. If you think it’s fair, then you just have to fill in all the fields in the form and off you go. We create the graphics for your cards and send them to print. We take care of the download codes, which we cleverly integrate into the design of the cards and host the music on the Codafile Download Platform. The time span from the time of sending the form field takes about 10 working days and the download cards are sent directly from the print to your home, so you can immediately start selling the download cards.

Do you want download code cards for your new album?

Are you a band and want to distribute your new album with Codafile Codes? Then click on the photo on the far left. Are you a label or a pressing company and want to start a long term cooperation with us? Click on one of the photos below to get more information on prices and how to submit music to Codafile regularly.