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Are you looking for a platform where your fans can redeem download codes that you sell along with your records at concerts or in your online shop?

Welcome to Codafile
With the extinction of the CD, an alternative that bands can sell at concerts is becoming more and more important today. The vinyl has been experiencing a minor renaissance for some years and is becoming increasingly popular with bands and artists. It is no longer about being able to play this medium at home, but about taking a souvenir of a concert home that at the same time looks good on your shelf. For the enjoyment of music, we have long arrived in the digital age. So how about combining these two contrasting products and selling records together with Codafile Download Cards to give your fans the opportunity to put a fancy record on the shelf at home, but at the same time also own the music digital and give them the possibility to download the music to the computer at home.
At Codafile, we not only provide the download platform, but we also take care of hosting and creating the download codes, which you can either integrate into your artwork or download cards as depositors. We have a ready-made Codafile layout for the download maps that we gladly provide. Please have a look on our download cards page. So you save the costs for the graphic designer and you only have to pay the costs for the production of the download cards. For more information, as well as pictures, have a look there. We've created download cards in form of business cards. On the front there is the information about you as a band and on the back a short explanation to download for your fans.

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